Data Visualisation –
Infographics in Sustainability Reporting

In an ever advancing information-focussed world, the use of infographics to convey information in an effective, engaging manner is quickly becoming a fundamental practice. Reporting information on sustainability should be no exception. Our reporting format and content have been, and continue to be developed with infographics to maximise their impact.

When reporting large amounts of information, it is important to keep the reader interested and for the report to be easily digestible. Using infographics can help achieve this:

  • “Less is more” approach, with eye catching and engaging visualisation of data
  • All essential information is still conveyed
  • This information is far more easily understood at a glance, making it more effective

The result is a visually appealing easily understood report, rather than a cluttered, unappealing mass of data. This style of reporting still conforms to certain requirements in terms of accurate and detailed data analysis.




Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text