All About Us

Agrilink was launched in 2002 as a consultancy service for New Zealand’s agricultural sector. We have lofty goals, but we believe they’re achievable. We want to empower businesses to be both sustainable and profitable. We believe these two concepts go hand in hand for the good of local businesses, consumers, our country and our planet’s precious natural environment. Over the past two decades, Agrilink has conducted numerous Life Cycle Assessment projects for the rural sector. Many were commissioned by clients keen to demonstrate the efficient use of resources to provide quantifiable environmental indicators, and to validate their claims of environmental sustainability.

Our Mission:

Empowering Sustainable Growth

Our clients demand a sustainable story that is tangible and credible. Agrilink supports them to document, implement and meet their carbon, water, soil, energy, biodiversity and community policies and management plans. Together, we establish targets to improve and enhance the environment, and give our clients the tools to demonstrate their achievements. Agrilink also has an enduring involvement in the broader community and we devote considerable efforts to this arena.

People: Leadership

Andrew Barber

Agrilink Director Andrew Barber has been involved in agricultural engineering consultancy for 20 years. A Winston Churchill Fellow, he has a BHort (tech) Hons from Massey University. Andrew has extensive experience in project managing complex multi-stakeholder projects. Among his successes is the Franklin Sustainability Project, which was launched in response to soil erosion. This initiative by outdoor vegetable growers encompassed a range of sustainability issues and achieved excellent results not the least of which were engaged growers driving and developing their own solutions, and a satisfied council and local community. The project also received an MfE Green Ribbon Award in 2000. He has also led the industry and MPI SFF project Don't Muddy the Waters, focusing on erosion and sediment control on horticultural land. One of his current responsibilities is managing the joint industry project Sustainable Vegetable Systems (SVS), focusing on nitrogen leaching and nutrient budgeting in outdoor vegetable production systems. Andrew has published multiple papers on a range of topics, including the widely publicised Food Miles report in 2008. View my profile

Consultant: Henry Stenning

Henry has a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science from the University of Auckland with a focus on Molecular Biology and Microbiology. In addition he has qualifications in Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management from Massey University. His main responsibilities are delivering individualised resource use and benchmarking reports to over 2000 vineyards and wineries for Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, as well as to other growers in multiple industry groups. His analytical skills are used across a wide range of projects, including the joint industry project Sustainable Vegetable Systems (SVS), carbon footprinting, agrichemical databases, and erosion and sediment control design for outdoor vegetable growers. Henry also enjoys getting out in the field taking soil and plant samples for the SVS project, and assessing erosion and sediment control measures on field walks. View my profile

People: Our Partnerships

AgriBusiness Group

Agrilink is a member of The AgriBusiness Group. We came together over a decade ago to help build business capability in the primary sector. Our group comprises a wide range of people dedicated to working with clients to develop sustainable and resilient businesses. Group members have been involved with rural industry for many years bringing wide-ranging skills and expertise. We have offices in Christchurch, Rangiora, Wellington, Tauranga and Auckland.

The Extended Team

Successful projects are frequently the result of collaboration and input from many different quarters. As required, Agrilink draws on the skills and services of these amazing people and organisations:

Community: Our Involvement

Our Role in the Community

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can seriously help another without helping himself.”Charles Warner

Agrilink is a unique business committed to transforming businesses and local communities. It's a simple truth that a higher level of community involvement engenders a more robust social fabric. We have launched a number of environmental initiatives to enrich our local community. Learn More

Our Awards & Accreditations

We must be doing something right

Over the past decade, Agrilink has been involved in conducting Life Cycle Assessment projects for some amazing organisations, covering over 80% of the rural sector. Reward enough, or so we thought …We’re gradually starting to draw attention for our commitment to sustainable business and the recognition and awards have started to follow. We’re not gluttons for awards but, they do seem to connect us to more amazing sustainable companies, and the cycle of excellence renews itself. We expect some of these amazing business’ will bring future awards but frankly, we prefer our clients to win the recognition. Watch this space…

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  • Client Win